Thursday, June 28, 2012

Love is in the air!!!

With the post title today,
I am sure many of you will be imagining many stories.
So, let us fuel your imagination further.
it is a news of wedding that is the inspiration of this post.

Alright think tanks,
Guess, it is time for truth

I logged in my account today,
writing about her son's wedding.
So, I congratulate her with all my heart
and wish the couple a happy and blessed life ahead.

And here's my gift to them

With this post,
I would like to congratulate
every heart in love.

There is only one happiness in life
to love and be loved.
-George Sands.

(The printable is free for download,
right click on the image and click on the "save image as" option.
A follow back and a thank you comment will however, be cherished.)
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Favorite pictures

It has been a real long time
since I posted for the photo a day challenge.
But today's prompt was about favorite pictures.
It was kind of inviting - to be a part of challenge again.
I knew I would not have to think hard about this one.
Even though I am not very good with photography
yet, I like taking pictures.

And of the ones that I have taken,
I have a special liking for not one but three photographs.

The flower was clicked way back in 2009
(or was it 2010).
It was an impulsive shot with my Canon
I liked the composition as it turned out
details so well captured.
Rarity in my case.

The next one on the list is -
The Institute of Advanced Studies in Shimla -
our favored hangout place when I was doing MBA.
What I like about the picture is that I have been able to capture
the main building edge to edge.
Again a rarity given my camera handling skills.

And last of all it the
puddle on the terrace in my neighborhood.
I and my cousin were trying to do creative photography
when I happened to click this one.
Guess it came out better than both our imaginations.
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Monday, June 18, 2012

And we have a magician in the house

Believe me, when I say this
we have a magician in the house.
A Little Magician would be better to say.
As they say,
seeds are sown right in the childhood itself.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
presenting before you
Harjas, The Magician :
with all his props and accessories.

It so happens that our little boy
Harjas had a fancy dress competition in his school.
And the theme was
"What do you want to be when you grow up"
To which the prompt reply was
"A scientist"
"Ohk, that will not need much preparations.
Just a wig and some test tubes would do the trick"
But the idea did not generate much excitement.
Neither with him nor with us.
Then the Professor Google came to our help
and I found this picture on the net

I wish I had copied the source also.
(A lesson for next time)
and we knew in our hearts he was going to enjoy being a magician.
The royal feel, the cloak and magic - all so fictional and all so magical.
We found him a black satin shirt and trouser.
We decided to do away with the vest, it being sweltering outside.
Mum stitched the cloak and also put an insignia on the back with silver ribbon.
He had bought black formal leather shoes
for his annual day dance performance
and we decided to use the same this time also.
Then I found this tutorial
How to make a magician hat

This done, we proceeded to make his wand.
We used the same chart paper as we used for the hat
and decorated it with a red and silver paper.
This gave it both strength and shape.

The last step was to teach a trick or two.
And again, who better than Professor Google

We chose the magic tube trick and made him a blue tube
(seen in the collage above too)
and put in the light blue ribbon.
As a standby,
we taught him a magnetic pencil trick also.

The final topping was to teach him his lines.
And the magician was ready to rock the show.

I am imagining the little boy of ours
walking up on the stage mumbling,
"Good morning everyone,
I am a magician.
I believe
The power of thought is the magic of mind.
Now let us enjoy a magic trick.
Can you see this tube ... 
is this all empty ...
If so, from where does this ribbon come ...
It comes from magic
and all the magic comes from learning.
Thank You."

He won the competition.

he told me that after the performance
he scared away the bullies showing them his wand
and telling them that he would make them fly in the air.
Oh well, you lose some you gain some.

This is what I had been doing
this last week.

Have a wonderful week ahead.
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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's day special

The greatest gift that God has ever given me
is both my parents - my mother and father.
And the greatest gift my parents have given me is
their love and belief in me.

"Papa, even when I will grow up to find my prince,
you will always be my king."

A small loving gesture
to celebrate the father's day with you all

As put in The Holy Bible
"Honor thy father and thy mother"
-Mathew 19:19

Starting this father's day,
I hope to be a better daughter than I already am.

Have a blessed time ahead.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A hearty sky watch

Sometimes inspiration come in the least thought of moments.
It so happened with me yesterday.
I was waiting for my regular bus in the evening,
When I looked up at the sky.
It was unbearably hot and stuffy.
And to think of it, it was 5 in the evening.
I looked up at the (seemingly merciless) sky
in a hope that it would take pity on me.
But what I saw took my breath away.
After a week of rainy and sunny hues,
With nothing as inspiring to click a photograph,
This was definitely a moment I could not let go of.
I believe the pattern I saw is that of a heart.

Not prefect, but I do think the contours of this cloud are shaped like one.

I would like to hear your take on this one.
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The best things in life

People often say
best things in life are free.
best things in life are most valuable too.
Most prized and most cherished.
And even if they come free, they certainly
cannot be put in the things category.
Celebrating the joy of having the best things in life
and sharing my happiness with you all.

Not the best, but it is still free for use.

Gina from Does anyone care what I write had shared this beautiful quote.
Thank you Gina.

Have a wonderful week ahead.
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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunset shots

Travelling on one of the most beautiful roads
has one advantage.
i get to see beautiful shades of Mother Nature everyday.
Not that I can capture them all
like the dust storm the other day.
But I can definitely see them and an capture it all in my eyes and my heart.
And then I feel so blessed.

the other day, the commute took longer than usual.
A road accident had caused a traffic jam
and anyone who has been on this route would understand what it would mean
to have a narrow road blocked and then traffic being streamlined.
Right in the peak of the tourist season.

With the bus moving at the snail's pace
I got a good chance to put my Nokia 2730 to use

I began my journey with the sun hiding away in the folds of the grey clouds
But as the journey progressed,
the clouds melted away.
Yes, the dark grey clouds gone

The twilight shades on and across the hills.
The slate and rocks - the hills on this side are rough and rugged.

And this one is from the Pandoh Dam.
I missed my Canon Power shot.
It was beautiful sunset.
Only if I were not in bus, I could have had a better chance at it.
But nevertheless, I was not giving up without clicking another one.
Even though every single passenger was staring at me.

The result was not as promising
for more than a sunset it looked like a forest fire to me.

And in case you are wondering what made me think of forest fires,
it is getting hot and the snow and ice is all melting.
And every now and then, I can see smoke rising away at the distance.
And all this heat has made the water levels of the River Beas rise.
So the first gate of the Pandoh Dam has been opened completely twice in the last week itself.
And I did not let go of the chance of being able to take a picture of it.

It is more breathtaking than it appears here.
It definitely is.

Wishing a wonderful week to you all.
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