Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 18 of Year 2012 in pictures

I have been taking a few days off from my job.
And what have I been doing all this time?
Enjoying a weekend outing and clicking lots of pictures.
Enough to cover all the pending prompts from last week or rather April, I should say.

Two of the pictures have been clicked by my father.
He is very good at clicking the pictures.
I can only marvel when he handles the camera.

So, back to sharing the photographs

22nd April, 2012 : The last thing that you bought

I have been improving my professional wardrobe with kurtis.
That I have not been able to wear them yet is another story.
I had actually purchased three - the third one is black.

23rd April, 2012 : Vegetable

Tomatoes - what better than these to cover the prompt
My original idea was to do something cooked.
But I was stacking up refrigerator with some things when I saw these
and these looked so tempting and delicious.
Some of them demand an early attention
and I am always ready for tomatoes ... tomato soup, tomato in veggies.

24th April, 2012 : Something you're grateful for

One word answer for this one - 

Life is full of countless blessings.
So, I am most grateful for being able to live the life that I have.
Ups and downs, smiles and  tears - all being a part and parcel of this living.
Beautiful and wonderful.

25th April, 2012 : Looking Down

We were on a short but enjoyable pilgrimage this weekend.
Looking down from the third floor
of the place where we stayed put for a few nights,
I found pigeons huddled together.
There were pigeons every where around us
and it was fun watching their antics.
The recess was out of reach of the cleaners and therefore, the mess.
All the time, I had been wondering about the results of this photograph
but I think, it is tolerable on the whole.

26th April, 2012 : Black + White

"I bow to thee, Mother" ("Vande Mataram")
This flame burns day and night and reminds us all
of the sacrifices that earned us our independence.
Amar Jawan Jyoti @ Jallianwala Bagh, Amritsar

27th April, 2012 : Somewhere you went

This weekend I was off to Amritsar Sahib - me, my family and my sister's family.
We visited The Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh, Gurudwara Shaheedan Sahib.

We also visited another place Naushehra Sahib, 
which is one of the religious seat for our community too.
A satisfying trip altogether.
(Photograph clicked by my father)

28th April, 2012 : 1 PM

1 PM is usually the time I help mum with some chores
like getting the laundry downstairs from the terrace.
I am, generally, not much help when I am at home.
So, I find simple tasks that are within my reach.
Hanging the clothes for drying and folding the dried laundry
are some of the tasks that I participate mostly in.

29th April, 2012 : Circle

Circle reminds me of just one thing - the dartboard in my room.
We bought it with great hopes of improving concentration
but a few tries left lots of marks on the walls
and little on the board
and now, it is no more than a showpiece on the wall.
But I love it and am not willing to trade its place with anything else.

30th April, 2012 : Something that makes you sad

Back to Jallianwala Bagh - the bullet marks on the wall
definitely leave one sad.
They speak loudly and silently about what happened on that fateful day.
They speak of the pain, the bloodshed and they speak of the tears

My father clicked this one for us.

The challenge for April is done.
May begins tomorrow. New set of prompts.
New share of pictures.
Stay blessed always.

P.S. I am glad I did these prompts with Canon and Sony
rather than my mobile.
Anyways, the mobile camera application needs some fixing and patching.
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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blogs that get Liebster

A Liebster Blog Award!!!
For Fuchsia Vision

And the award is presented by
Catherine from Hello, New Day

Thank you, Catherine for this love and appreciation.
I can not believe I have (read my blog has) actually received an award.
And trust me, everyone, there is nothing better than returning from a trip,
and getting a news that an award awaits me.
Thank you - I know the blog has miles to go
but I guess, the beginning is made.

Catherine has also covered the what and why of this award
in her blog Hello, New Day
which I am copying word to word -

Liebster is the German word for beloved / dear / favorite. the Liebster Blog Award is "passed from one blog to another to honor smaller blogs (those with less than 200 followers) that deserve recognition for their fabulous blogging abilities."

And now over to the "to do things", once the award is announced.

- Post the award on the blog;
 - Choose 5 blogs (with less than 200 followers) to give their Liebster Blog Award to (tough, I love all of them);
- Link back to the blog who gave them Liebster,
 - and List 5 random facts about themselves (toughest).

With thank you speech, the posting of the award and the linking back done,
I am left with just two things.

And out of them,
The first things first ---
So, heartiest congratulations to

Whitney from Between the Lines
Angelica from Angelica Ideas
Heather from Stretching my Wings
and Heidi from Eight Days a Week

I have enjoyed reading posts from all of you (even if the name is not in the above list.
The list that I had was long but I had to restrict myself
to the count and to the number of followers for the blogs).

And now to the 5 random facts about myself

- I am a Twilight saga addict.
- I love reading - fiction and mostly thrillers.
- I like crocheting and knitting (but I do not get much time).
- I cannot drive (I cannot even ride a bicycle).
- I occasionally pen down my thoughts (and share some of them @Whispering Thoughts)

Thank you Catherine, for having made my day.
Wishing a blessed week to all.
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The menacing clouds

I did my pictures while coming back to the sweetest home
from my workplace.
I know I have done this theme before too but
I had to do it again.

A perfect sunny day
turns menacingly cloudy
and then the downpour and the chill.
I wonder if I can actually call this spring?

I had simply wanted to do a sunset amid the clouds

when I saw some beautiful hues

Mixing and matching of greys and blues continued

And then saw - white, blue and grey together

and I just had to click it too

Waiting for the bus had never been so fun.
But enough of the blue,
I saw some gorgeous greens - rain washed and glistening with drops

Even the bus window had its share of drops so pardon the smudges you see in the picture above

Then I saw the proof of the having started out as sunny
A beautiful sunset - rain and sun together

I can only marvel at the colors of the nature
and every day I see some new shades

The clouds followed me all the way back to home
and they follow me every day

But it has to be spring time
because the sheep are definitely returning back to the higher hills

Watch out what colors I will have in store
for the next week's SkyWatch

Till then, I wish you all sunny skies.
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

When you choose hope

Once you choose hope,
anything is possible.
Hope holds out its hand in dark
and leads you to light.

Dedicated to the hope in everyone's heart

And in case you are wondering,
yes the printable is free.
So you can save the image and use it.

Have a hopeful time ahead.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Week 16th of Year 2012 and SkyWatch

With four hours in travelling
and the rest of the day in office
I am not getting time to charge my cameras and click better pictures
Not yet at least.
So, I am working on the challenge with my good little mobile.
The big thing is that I look at things and see if they can be the object of my pictures.
Truthfully, I had some breathing space today ...
so I have worked on most of the prompts for this week in this one day alone.
(I wonder if that disqualifies me as a participant.)

15th April, 2012 : Prompt - Sunset

There was a lot many times when I wanted to capture this look of the sky.
The road to improvement is never ending.
Once I get back into the routine, I am going to do this again - hopefully with Canon power-shot.

16th April, 2012 : Flower

The flowers from my lunch bag.
My Aunt gifted this to me when she heard that I have found a job for myself and that I have to carry my lunch with me.
This bag has found many a fans with the kids.
They all love the bright flowers.
I am basking in limelight (or should I say sunlight.)

17th April, 2012 : Prompt - Something you don't like

I am usually a fan of winter wear
But it is mid of April.
Not a time to be wearing cardigans and woolens
But with heavy rains and chilly winds - it is still no time to say goodbye to them

18th April, 2012 : Prompt -Hair

I have been wondering how to do this prompt
I had ideas ranging from doing a photo of other people's hair to trying camera on my own
But I did not get a good picture
Then I had one my brainstorms

I have found a new place to put my hair clips.
It is convenient to choose one and tuck them back here after use.
Very very convenient.

19th April, 2012 : Prompt - Orange

Orange is one color that I see all around me these days
(It is the theme color of my office)
So, there is no dearth of objects.
Finding one is challenging task.
Presenting here, the logo from the office sling bag

20th April, 2012 : Prompt - Something you drew

This one is my favorite
I opened my drawing notebook after ages
and I longed to be a child again
to be able to sit with a pencil and draw

I can not believe I did this drawing
I do not even remember when I did this
but there it was - in my very own old drawing notebook

21st April, 2012 - Prompt - Bottle

My water bottle
A must carry when I leave for office daily.
See, I had enough objects for orange.
I debated using one picture for two prompts.
But then I thought I would put it on pedestal - for being such a worthy companion.

And this sums up my week.
I hope you had and are having a great time.
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Printable with Thank You note

It is time to share the weekly printable.
This week again, I have a printable with thank you note.

There are so many lovely quotes for the theme
"Thank You"
that I can not resist sharing the ones that I particularly like.

"Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot."
-Originally quoted by Housa of Nigeria,
this quote teaches us to count our blessings, every time and all the time.
I love the quote
and I hope you all will like the presentation.

As always, the printable is offered free.
In case you like it, you can right click on the image and choose "save image as" option.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

SkyWatch @ workplace

This week I did my pictures for the SkyWatch this week @workplace
It was mostly cloudy ... 
as usual
So, I tried not do clouds this time
or at least not to do clouds alone this time

So, the first thing that I shot with the theme SkyWatch in mind is
a scene right outside my office

I wish I had a better camera with me.
I would have captured the details clearly.

And this below is the Kullu Manali Airport (rather part of it)
again as viewed from my workplace

And last of all, a little farther from my office
and towards my hometown

This one was instinctive.
I liked the shades of the sky, against the green of the hills.
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The week in pictures

It is surprising that even amid the daily commuting
and working and celebrations
I found time to take pictures for the monthly challenge.

Spontaneous and as and when I remembered the prompts
but I did take pictures.

The only handy tool that I had was my mobile
(I cannot carry fancy cameras to my work place
and I have not had the time to charge the batteries either)
so please bear with me the results.

10th April, 2012 : Prompt - Cold

The Ice cube tray ... 
Refrigerator is the first thing that strikes me as cold
Not that we are finding much use of it till now
(and it is mid-April already)
it is still cold outside ... chilly, rainy and windy

Cold also reminds me of the annual ritual of preserving the peas for their affordable use in summers
Steamed, boiled and stacked away in zip-lock bags in the freezer ... we are ready to face the summers

11th April, 2012 : Prompt - Where you ate breakfast

My bedroom
Not a great idea
but I have my breakfasts early these days
and it sounds cold to eat alone in the dining room
So, my bedroom is the safest and coziest place

12th April, 2012 : Prompt - Stairs

The idea struck me en-route to office and I clicked it from the window seat of the bus I was travelling in.
The bus having halted here, further improved my chances.
But originally I had wanted to do the spiral stairs of my own home for this prompt.
May be some other time ...

13th April, 2012 : Prompt - Something you found

This morning I found another packet of books waiting for me
So that my closet now looks something like this ...

Who said teaching is easy ... trust me being a student was far better ...

Last year, I found this belt for myself at a thrift store.
I was visiting my relatives and I had forgotten to carry my belt with me.
At the time when I bought it, I had hoped it would last me as long as the trip ...

But it has been a year now and it is still going good.
So, I guess economy shopping also works sometimes (only sometimes).

14th April, 2012 : Prompt - How you feel today

I have just the thing I need for this prompt -

Harjas (my elder nephew) likes this art of mine - has not allowed me to discard the paper in waste.
 I know I am going to be surprised with a replica of this drawing soon.

Hope you had an exciting week as well.
Happy and Merry Sunday.
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Begin your day with ... Printable


3 words that make great difference
3 words that mark a great start to a great day

The printable salutes these 3T's ...

I kept it very simple this time. No playing around with styles.
Offering price ... a little effort in making a right click and selecting save image as

Have a blessed day ahead.

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Monday, April 9, 2012

9th April, 2012 : Prompt - Younger You

Prompt - Younger You

Younger me ...
careless , carefree

"Everything is a ceremony in the wild garden of childhood."
said Pablo Neruda in Winter Garden

One of my maternal aunt scanned this one for me last year.
And this is not just me - younger but my whole family younger.

I did hear somewhere that
"If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older."

And I also heard that words of learned people come from experience and are mostly true.
(Yes, I am smiling)

P.S. I am sure you would have recognized me by now.
If not, take a guess.
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Sunday, April 8, 2012

8th April, 2012 : Prompt - Inside your wallet

Prompt - Inside your wallet

There is nothing special about my wallet.
and there is nothing special that I carry in my wallet.

However, I do like to carry some coins with me.
Just in case.
And I like the fact that there is a small little button up pocket in my wallet where I can safely keep the coins.

Did the wallet surprise you.
Oh well, I do not carry it regularly ...
Only when I have to carry a big feminine hand-bag with loads of pockets and space.
I tend to loose the track of what I kept where.
So, this helps me save the time looking up for cash.
I end up searching the wallet, though. :)

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

7th April, 2012 : Prompt - Shadow

Prompt - Shadow

The cutest toy that is my youngest nephews favorite too.
Harjas has played with this and now JaiAditya plays with this.
I have had my share both the times.
And still I have it tonight on the headboard of my bed.
I can not help liking it.

I tried every angle to cover both the shadow and the kitty.
This was the best attempt.

Talking of shadows, I read these sometime back and they fit the theme
so I sign off with these quotes.

"Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in our own sunshine".
- Henry Ward Beecher

So as Charlotte Whitton puts it
"Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you."

Have a blessed time ahead.
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6th April, 2012 : Prompt - Lunch

Prompt - Lunch

Yesterday with my sister visiting us all,
the lunch had to be special.
So, I was helping mum out and
the prompt and the challenge thing just skipped, hopped and jumped out of my mind.
By the time I realized the prompt, the lunch was all eaten up
(there were no leftovers either that I could use as subject for my pictures.

But then I had a brainstorm
(another one yes)

So, I present the main ingredient of my yesterday's lunch ...
The mighty Cheese.

But I cannot sign off this post without presenting any real dish.
Can I ???

With mum attending to some outstation social responsibilities,
I am the kitchen in-charge these days.

My father is always a little skeptical of my experiments.
So, I try to play it safe by sticking to easy and standard things.

Like the Peas Pulav that we had today.
I qualified the overall experiment though it was not an outstanding result.
Despite my best efforts, the peas did not become very soft.
May be the fault of their being out-of-season thing
or may be my cooking fault

But steaming hot rice did look nice to me.

Look I tried to capture the steam as well.
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Friday, April 6, 2012

SkyWatch - the sky this week

No matter where I am these days
I do try to glance up at the sky
and see what unfolds there.

This is one reason why in my last week's trip the only picture that I took is for SkyWatch

This view is @ Sec - 35C Chandigarh

While the sun shines brightly in Chandigarh
and summers have almost set in
(they have started using fans and ACs there)
Back home ... it is still a little chilly and cloudy

Cloudy or not cloudy, I had been missing the greens of my hometown

Though it is more cold than expected for the month of April
... the clouds do look menacing

But one can always see a silver lining

So, the sky has shown me interesting hues in last few days.

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