Tuesday, April 3, 2012

3rd April, 2012 : Prompt - Mail

Prompt - Mail

Back home ... Ah, it sounds synonymous to being back to life.

And now that I have come back ...
I have so many things to attend to.

(I was away only for a week but it definitely seems like I was gone for a good while.)
I expected it to be like this ... me relaxing and basking in the glory of home-return, nephews running all around me, mum counting on my help getting things done around the house ... 

But mail management was not on my list.
Anything but mails

So it definitely surprises me to find an inbox that is flooded for a change ...
and it has taken me all day to sort it all out.
(Secret - I love an overflowing inbox.)
Add to it

the mails that I received in post.

So, whole day long, I have been reading and writing responses ...
attending to priority papers and all.
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  1. Welcome home, Ruby! I'm glad you're back. I'm following you on Pinterest now!

    1. Thank you Catherine. Both for the following back and for being such a support for my blog.


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