Friday, March 30, 2012

SkyWatch time

I hope ... fingers crossed ....
That the schedule option works.
This is the first time I am scheduling a post.

Well, this weekly SkyWatch has been so cool,
I could not resist sharing another lot with you all.
And why am I excited???

This is the first time I get to click birds.
They were far and distant ...
on a faraway house. I was working on the zoom ability of my camera when I clicked this one.

Nearer home, I was able to capture some more ...

Though I love the bird in this one ...
Overall, I like the next picture the best.

Only if the bird had looked in my direction.
But then how would it know I am trying to get it to pose.

Hope you have a wonderful time ahead.

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  1. Hi Ruby, your scheduling worked! Great bird pictures!

  2. That was a lovely click may I say? .. You did clicked wonderful :D


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