Sunday, March 18, 2012

18th March, 2012 : Prompt - A corner of your home

Prompt - A corner of your home

I knew when I had seen the list what would be my choice ...
I was so sure that I had wanted to do this straight away
But ... I waited for the turn to come ...

And I am glad I waited ...
for I can justify my choice today.

Because in this time, I have given a serious thought as to why I am participating in this challenge ...
I am no photographer ...leave apart classic ... not even average
I do not have a creative skill with photography as many other participants have
(I look at other people's photographs and I feel I can never even go close to those standards)

But I have found my answer today ...
I do not do it for photography ... 
I do it because it tells me how rich my life is ...
You give me a prompt and right within this house I find stuff to meet it up ...
Okay not always (there are prompts that I really messed up with) ... but still ...

I get to realize that I am hundred thousand times blessed than many people out there.
And Thank you God for all giving me a Blessed Ordinary life.
This is more than I can ever handle.
More than I could ever imagine ...

So, I share a corner of my home ... my room
where I look up with a grateful heart

The wall behind this corner has a 3-D picture that changes depending on the viewing angle

This is one view from that picture.
The other well, I lacked skills to do it properly, so I am not sharing it.
It has both Lord Krishna and Devi Radha together.

And if yesterday I was thinking of giving up ... today I am planning to stay in the challenge
for as long as I can.

Photographs clicked by Canon Power shot S5 IS
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  1. I love your stories, and the connection you make with the photo-a-day prompts. I think your photos are beautiful, but my favourite part of the photos are the stories, thank you for sharing your stories

    1. Thank you Sandra. And I do not have words to say how much it pleases me to have your company when I share my stories.

  2. I've always - or at least since I was 15 years old - loved taking pictures. I'm far from professional too but I still enjoy. I really enjoyed taking pictures in India when we went there in 1999. Your pictures remind me of India.
    Blessings to you, Ruby.

    1. Thank you Charlotte. It is good to see that this blog revives happy memories for you.
      God be with you too.

  3. Ruby, I'm so glad you're not giving up on the challenge. I agree with Sandra. Your stories are so nice to read and they are written in such a gentle, kind voice. I'm not exactly sure how to describe it, but your writing style is very elegant and calming.
    And I disagree with you on your photography - you have gotten some beautiful shots! I'm remembering the photo of the moon peeking through the trees and your photos of your neighborhood. And today's pictures are wonderful also - it's always so fun to see other people's homes and their things. And the way you connect your photos to stories or observations is definitely creative!
    So again, I'm very happy that you're continuing on. I would miss reading about you and your corner of the world if you stopped.
    Have a wonderful day, Ruby!

    1. Thank you Catherine. And I say this from the core of my heart. It is so heartening to see that you remember some of my posts so well. It is good to have blog friends like you and get to know each other and be a part of their lives. Thanks for the all the encouraging words.


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