Wednesday, March 7, 2012

7th March, 2012 : Prompt - Something you wore

Prompt - Something you wore

This is what I wore today.

Not much of venturing outside for us today because of colors being splashed all over the town.
But I, dad and Jaiaditya had a lightning tour to Gurudwara Sahib and there was no time to fuss around what to wear.
This was the first jacket that I saw in my wardrobe and wore it.

For all those wondering ... yes, it is still cold here and I am still weak from fever.

All said and done, I picked up this jacket in 2008 in a winter sale in Globus.
What I love about this jacket is its versatility.

You saw one way I wear it. Let me show (off) some more styles that I wear it in.

I make a crop jacket out of it.

I wear it sleeve-less and cropped :

And I wear it like a sleeve-less plain jacket too :

It is warm and very suitable for my area. And it is so rough and tough. Needs no extra attention.

So, I have four jackets that pack up to one.
Isn't that cool????

Photographs clicked by Canon Powershot S5IS

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  1. What a great versatile jacket! I'm sure you'll get a lot of wear out of it. Thanks for leaving me the link.

    1. I am glad you visited, Sherry. I do hope it can last me some more winters :)

  2. VERY cool jacket! And I'm curious: what do you mean by "colors being splashed all over the town"?

    1. "VERY cool jacket" :) I wonder how I missed this word in my post yesterday. And sorry, I should have given more inputs about the festival "Holi". It comes on the full moon night of phalgun month of hindu calendar. I think it refers to late february and early march time of english calendar or our regular calendars always. The festival has religious roots in our culture with good winning over the evil. And there are symbolic bonfires, prayers and then there are colors. We have a tradition of splashing colors (both colored powders and liquid based colors) on one another and it is one of the most celebrated festivals. People will come and wish you "holi" and smear your face with colors. There are water guns and other such toys that allow colored water jets to be splashed on people. All in all ... fun.

      I know I won't be able to do justice to this topic. Also try searching for holi in google images. That would be real looking into the celebration.

    2. Oh my gosh, that sounds amazing. I will look it up. Thanks for telling me about it. Have a wonderful day!

    3. I am glad I could share this with you. You too have a wonderful day :)


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