Friday, March 9, 2012

9th March, 2012 : Prompt - Red

Prompt - Red

Red chilies!!!

It so happens that yours faithfully was working in the kitchen when she remembered the prompt "Red".
And what could be better than this ... a reminder of my culinary experiments.

Working with spices is real fun and they add so distinctive flavors.
I am only learning and there is so much ...

I have also been busy packing my red back-pack for a weekend trip.

So, a happy weekend to you all.
See you all on Monday.
Till then, have fun.

Photographs clicked by Sony DSC-W80 Cybershot.
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  1. Red chilies - yumm! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend trip.
    And your blog changes look great!

    1. Yes, Cathrine. My weekend trip was wonderful. I enjoyed every moment. I hope you had a great time yourself.
      The blog was looking quite boring so I tried to experiment with its look. I am glad you like the change.

    2. I am sorry for the typing error in the message posted above. And thank you once again Catherine.


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