Thursday, March 22, 2012

SkyWatch This Week

Oh! the sky has so much to offer.
Only if we have time for the observation.

I share mine with you this week again.

To me this does not look sky at all.
I wonder if you did not read the title, what would you think of it?

So, I clicked another shot but the pattern had changed by now.

To make it look more like sky,
I brought in the trees too.
And I love this picture of the lot.

SkyWatch is really becoming fun.

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  1. I agree; the first pic doesn't look like sky, but I can't also describe it :)

    The third is awesome. Thanks for dropping by...

    1. Thank you to you too. Both for visit and for sharing the SkyWatch with me.

  2. Wonderful shot of the cotton ball clouds against the blue sky.

  3. I enjoy your sky photos. If I didn't see the title I would think that it was a picture of fabric. Great photos!

    1. I am glad you do. Now that you say fabric I see fabric. Else to me it looked like a foaming and rippling water.

  4. Wonderful skies.

    Regards and best wishes


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