Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Where flowers bloom

Where flowers bloom so does hope.
-Lady Bird Johnson

I came across the picture first and then the words
and the two fit together.
I can feel the power of these words.
I hope you do too.

Have a blessed week ahead.
Take care.
May hope win.

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

May and Pictures

The month of May is literally running.
Why, it seems yesterday when I wrote the last post
and it is already nearing the month end.
The sky has been beautiful
and the sky has been amazing all this while.

Yes, these are the patterns sketched out on a fine May morning sky out here.
There is one more from the May sky

But it is getting warmer now and I think I won't get to shoot clouds that often now.
I do hope to be able to share sunnier and more beautiful hues from the sky.
And guess what, my little nephew is learning how to climb up and down on his own.
A child is always eager to learn.
A child is someone that inspires me and especially my nephew.
For I spend most of my free time with him.

I love adding new fragrances to my wardrobe.
So, on my recent visit to Chandigarh, I was able to buy a few more.
More than anything else, I like how the picture turned out.
So the picture below shows the fragrances (read smell) I adore

There are two from Russasi (Twinkle and Emotion), two from Charlie (Red and Sunshine) and one from Paris (Miss Lomani).
Enough to last me more than this summer.
The next one down the list was a favorite word.
And I thought hard and then I zeroed it as below : 

I like the word for it is as difficult to be one as it is to find a good one.
I like the word for it inspires so many thoughts.
And not letting those thoughts flow in here and move me away from the task at hand,
I move on to the next prompt - kitchen 
Having shared a detailed picture of my kitchen already, I thought I would play around with this one too.
(I may or may not be improving with the photography thing but am definitely trying out various angles)

A detailed look into how we keep our utensils all stacked up
Convenient setting and beautiful setting (at least I find it so).

But at the end of the day, after a hectic commute
it is this signboard that definitely falls into the
something that makes me happy 

The one that clearly tells me that I am nearing home. This is approximately the mid of my journey.
And I come home to my mum and my dad and share a loving time with them.

And more than this signboard or the milestone
it is this patch of grass that tells me that I am nearly done with the journey

It is only about 3km from my home town.
And it is at this place that my bus halts for no less than 10 mins.
Well, even the bus needs a readying up for the next day
and this is the petrol pump where it gets its daily dose of diesel.

And guess what welcomes me into my room.

A poster full of love, care and friendship
It has been there in my room for long and has lasted me good.
It has been the object of focus many a times too.
And I hope to be able to share it many more times
(I do not seem to get tired of it ever).

And having recently returned from a business conference
I am totally inspired to read

I cannot even make out the ABC of what I'm reading. But reading I am.
And on this note,
I would end this rather long post.
And I will try to be more regular in future.

Happy living till then.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Of choices and chances

I have been falling behind in my photo-challenge.
But I am soon going to catch up with all the prompts that have gone pending.
Somehow, I did manage to bring up the weekly printable thing in time.
I am so happy to be able to do this every week.
I actually looked for inspiration.
And the much talked of Pinterest helped me.
I basically only copied the quotation
okay I admit, this one is not as original as others, therefore.

The original version was

And below is my version of it

Changes, chances and choices -
The 3 C's of life.

I hope to be in time for SkyWatch and work upon my photographs too.
Till then, have a wonderful and blessed time ahead.

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Breaking Dawn Original

Yesterday, I had to report early to the office.
So, I got up early too.
Logical, else I could not have made it in time.

So, the point is that I got up early yesterday.
And witnessed a beautiful sky.

The Breaking Dawn - Original

And then immediately,
the sky started changing colors.
So, the very next instant,
the sky looked something like this

But then I got to see
the moon fading away
slowly and magically

And then I tried to get a closer shot of the moon
And the result is :

Happy SkyWatch and blessed week ahead.
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday Printable Sharing

This one's dedicated to Mother's Day again.
The last one I posted was a strain on eyes
(my mother's feedback).
She liked the style though.
I use my printables as the desktop backgrounds too.
However, not all of them fit properly.
(In case you want to try, the results may not be on the expected lines.
I am only learning how to do these things.)
And mother and nephew found it difficult to locate the icons with the last one.
So, I thought, I would gift her another one
one that is easy for her and for Harjas too.

Once again, Happy Mother's day to all.

This one was appreciated and liked thoroughly.
The trophy is courtesy "Google" search.

I believe all mothers need this trophy -
for being simply God's best gift to all of us.
Thank You Mumma.
Love you.

Are you giving this award to your mother???
If so, do let me know.
It will be fun to hear from you.

For using, just right click on the image and select "save image as".
Print it and make your mothers feel happy and proud.

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pictures from 1st May, 2012 - 6th May, 2012

It is May already.
 I have been participating in this photo a day challenge
for most of the year now.
I did miss a few days in March
but other than that, I have been pretty regular with my challenge posts.
This month's challenge has wonderful themes to keep our cameras occupied.

This week, I thought of sharing my pictures in the form of collage and in a random fashion.
I created these using Photovisi
in order to have more options than those offered by Picasa 3.

I started with a basic theme for collage

The first picture is for prompt - Peace (May 1st, 2012)
The lines are photographed from a poster in my room.

The next picture is for May 4th, 2012.
Fun - so many animals in a conference - absolute fun.
And a cat sitting next to a dog - real fun.
These are the toys my nephew plays with and it is fun to see him playing with them.

The next theme I chose for my collage was from the category Organic.

Starting clockwise
3rd May, 2012 - Something you wore
5th May, 2012 - Bird
6th May, 2012 - You
and 2nd May, 2012 - Skyline

Something you wore :
Contact lens, kajal and a golden watch - somethings I wore on 3rd May, 2012
Very uncharacteristic for me - and all three things
I usually prefer my specs to lens
and a silver watch to golden.
Add to it, I actually used kajal.
A real achievement. I have had an eye liner for two years now
but have never used it once.
I have no explanation for any of this.

Bird :
I chose a pigeon again.
Well to put it, pigoen was the only bird that was in vicinity.
Almost all of my bird pictures have been with pigeons.
I will share my collection of these in the next post.
Oh Yes! I have enough to share in a separate post.

You :
I tried playing around with my picture.
Adding effects to it.
I liked the one with pencil sketch on a book page very much.

Skyline :
This is early morning.
When sun is about to rise.
I find that the most beautiful times of the day.
The fresh morning air,
the waking up to a sunny day,
getting ready for the day ahead.

Have a blessed week ahead.
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Friday, May 4, 2012

SkyWatch @ Amritsar

I wonder if ever before
I had paid any attention to the hues of sky anywhere
But ever since I started participating in this SkyWatch episode
I love to experiment with this theme.

Last weekend, I was on a pilgrimage to the holy city, Amritsar.
We did meet clouds but there were many other things
more beautiful and striking
The inspiration was a picture I saw in the blog
Ever since I saw it, I wanted to do something on parallel lines.

And, as luck would have it,
I got to do a similar thing.

Not once but many times over.

This one is The Golden Temple, Amritsar in its full glory.
I like the fact that even the reflection in water is covered completely in this picture.
I call this a genius shot in my collection.

And later I tried clicking various canopies individually.

This one is a part of the entrance gate to The Golden Temple.
And the one below this is that of the Langar Hall

but I like this one the best.
This was clicked by my father on my  special request.
This is a canopy from the sanctum sanctorum itself.

I hope you enjoyed this week's SkyWatch.
Have a fabulous weekend ahead.
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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mothers are mothers everywhere

With mother's day theme doing rounds everywhere,
I decided to do this week's printable with the same.

I like the shades of this one.
I hope mother likes them too.
I was ready before time for my weekly upload.
That is a feat in itself. I had time at my disposal to do this one.
Usually I just hurry up with a little color here and a little effect there.
The design is now available in some cool gift ideas

Have a great time ahead.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April at a glance

A round up for the month of April.
I present only the pictures that I like the most
and these are the ones from my last post.
I happened to like them the most
because of the quality of the pictures.

Months are flying by. It was January and now it is May already.
And can you believe me if I say, we are still wearing sweaters.
Times are definitely changing!!!
Have a blessed time ahead.

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