Sunday, May 27, 2012

May and Pictures

The month of May is literally running.
Why, it seems yesterday when I wrote the last post
and it is already nearing the month end.
The sky has been beautiful
and the sky has been amazing all this while.

Yes, these are the patterns sketched out on a fine May morning sky out here.
There is one more from the May sky

But it is getting warmer now and I think I won't get to shoot clouds that often now.
I do hope to be able to share sunnier and more beautiful hues from the sky.
And guess what, my little nephew is learning how to climb up and down on his own.
A child is always eager to learn.
A child is someone that inspires me and especially my nephew.
For I spend most of my free time with him.

I love adding new fragrances to my wardrobe.
So, on my recent visit to Chandigarh, I was able to buy a few more.
More than anything else, I like how the picture turned out.
So the picture below shows the fragrances (read smell) I adore

There are two from Russasi (Twinkle and Emotion), two from Charlie (Red and Sunshine) and one from Paris (Miss Lomani).
Enough to last me more than this summer.
The next one down the list was a favorite word.
And I thought hard and then I zeroed it as below : 

I like the word for it is as difficult to be one as it is to find a good one.
I like the word for it inspires so many thoughts.
And not letting those thoughts flow in here and move me away from the task at hand,
I move on to the next prompt - kitchen 
Having shared a detailed picture of my kitchen already, I thought I would play around with this one too.
(I may or may not be improving with the photography thing but am definitely trying out various angles)

A detailed look into how we keep our utensils all stacked up
Convenient setting and beautiful setting (at least I find it so).

But at the end of the day, after a hectic commute
it is this signboard that definitely falls into the
something that makes me happy 

The one that clearly tells me that I am nearing home. This is approximately the mid of my journey.
And I come home to my mum and my dad and share a loving time with them.

And more than this signboard or the milestone
it is this patch of grass that tells me that I am nearly done with the journey

It is only about 3km from my home town.
And it is at this place that my bus halts for no less than 10 mins.
Well, even the bus needs a readying up for the next day
and this is the petrol pump where it gets its daily dose of diesel.

And guess what welcomes me into my room.

A poster full of love, care and friendship
It has been there in my room for long and has lasted me good.
It has been the object of focus many a times too.
And I hope to be able to share it many more times
(I do not seem to get tired of it ever).

And having recently returned from a business conference
I am totally inspired to read

I cannot even make out the ABC of what I'm reading. But reading I am.
And on this note,
I would end this rather long post.
And I will try to be more regular in future.

Happy living till then.

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  1. I love the way you document your life with the camera! What a lovely idea instead of a journal!

    1. Thank you Meoww. I am glad that you liked the post.

  2. Wonderful sequenced of shots. The sky is gorgeous and great family shots as well as the others too.

    1. Thank you Carver. Coming from you, I take it as a great compliment for my photography.

  3. I agree with the commenters above me - wonderful photos! And I love your writing too. Happy week to you, Ruby!

    1. Thank you Catherine. It is always good to hear from you. I am glad that you liked the little write-up as well as the pictures. Have a great time.

  4. Like to walks with you through the day. Nice picture of your parents Ruby

  5. I know I haven't been blogging much lately, but thank you for keeping up with me and my blog. I've enjoyed looking over your photos for the photoaday challenge. You're doing well!!

    1. Thank you Marcia. But this time around I missed many prompts. May be I will be better in the month of June. Good to have you visiting. And I love all your blog posts.
      Thanks and warm regards,


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