Thursday, March 22, 2012

22nd March, 2012 : Prompt - Kitchen Sink

Prompt - Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sink ... the most debated corner of my house ...

Because, it needs renovation.
Whole of the kitchen needs renovation ...
But that has long been delayed.
May be this April ...

This is our kitchen ...
the maximum of it ...

The right most corner - the Kitchen Sink

This is the before dinner scene
After dinner scene is just the contrast ...
sink overflowing with dishes
and if I happen to participate in cooking
(like I did today)
clutter everywhere.

The shelf is a little low so we (read me, I am the tallest lady of the house)
have to bend a lot for doing dishes and kneading dough and making rotis (Indian bread)

But soon ... soon it will be a different picture ...
April ... come soon.
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  1. Good luck with your renovation. It can be fun to have a change especially when it makes a used area more functional.

    1. Thank you Carver. I am actually looking forward to the change.

  2. Kitchen renovations are such a pain, but worth it. I'm being nosy, but I'm curious: what's the white appliance that looks like it's mounted on the wall?

    1. That is perfectly alright Catherine. I would be more than happy to answer any questions you have. The appliance you are asking of is a water purifier called Aquaguard from Eureka Forbes. We use it to get clean drinking water.

    2. Thanks, Ruby, for satisfying my curiosity! I'm glad you've scheduled a couple of posts at least in the next week - I always look forward to seeing your pics and reading about them. Have a wonderful week!

    3. Thank you Catherine. Even I look forward to your posts and pictures. I am so happy that the scheduler worked. :)

  3. interesting ... because it's different than mine or anything i've seen. :)


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