Monday, March 19, 2012

19th March : Prompt - 2012 : Funny

Prompt - Funny

I'd Describe myself as:
"Sorta tall, I guess"

Who can speak these words???

He needs no introduction.
And who does not adore his smile.

Its fun when JaiAditya (age 1, my nephew) sees this and laughs out loud.
And when he tries to reach up to him.
We have put this Goofy perched high above the window.

All the playing around with my nephews has moved Goofy out of my room.
(That was also because the Goofy won't stick to the wardrobe wall any more .It had been staying there since some 15 years before the gum gave away. I did not want to do away with this, so mum made a hole in it and hung it right in front of my room, so I see it every time I step out.)

I love his colors and I love his laugh.
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  1. Awww, I love Goofy too! You're right - who doesn't adore his smile!


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