Tuesday, March 6, 2012

6th March, 2012 : Prompt - 5PM

Prompt - 5PM

Fever or no fever,
duty is duty.
Especially when duty calls for teaching kids who sit for exams tomorrow.

So, 5 P.M., I was busy with my students. Optics, integration, jumbled sentences ... everything and anything.
The desk is strewn with papers and books.
And it is an early start tomorrow again.

Tomorrow ... when the town will be celebrating "Holi" and we will be celebrating the derivations and numerical questions.

Happy festival of colors to everyone and happy "holi"day to all those who get their day off.

Photograph clicked by Sony DSC-W80 Cybershot

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  1. Wow...looks too complicated! :)

    1. Complicated!!! That sounds too easy a word. :) And sometimes I tend to forget what I was teaching and what I have to teach them.


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