Saturday, April 21, 2012

Week 16th of Year 2012 and SkyWatch

With four hours in travelling
and the rest of the day in office
I am not getting time to charge my cameras and click better pictures
Not yet at least.
So, I am working on the challenge with my good little mobile.
The big thing is that I look at things and see if they can be the object of my pictures.
Truthfully, I had some breathing space today ...
so I have worked on most of the prompts for this week in this one day alone.
(I wonder if that disqualifies me as a participant.)

15th April, 2012 : Prompt - Sunset

There was a lot many times when I wanted to capture this look of the sky.
The road to improvement is never ending.
Once I get back into the routine, I am going to do this again - hopefully with Canon power-shot.

16th April, 2012 : Flower

The flowers from my lunch bag.
My Aunt gifted this to me when she heard that I have found a job for myself and that I have to carry my lunch with me.
This bag has found many a fans with the kids.
They all love the bright flowers.
I am basking in limelight (or should I say sunlight.)

17th April, 2012 : Prompt - Something you don't like

I am usually a fan of winter wear
But it is mid of April.
Not a time to be wearing cardigans and woolens
But with heavy rains and chilly winds - it is still no time to say goodbye to them

18th April, 2012 : Prompt -Hair

I have been wondering how to do this prompt
I had ideas ranging from doing a photo of other people's hair to trying camera on my own
But I did not get a good picture
Then I had one my brainstorms

I have found a new place to put my hair clips.
It is convenient to choose one and tuck them back here after use.
Very very convenient.

19th April, 2012 : Prompt - Orange

Orange is one color that I see all around me these days
(It is the theme color of my office)
So, there is no dearth of objects.
Finding one is challenging task.
Presenting here, the logo from the office sling bag

20th April, 2012 : Prompt - Something you drew

This one is my favorite
I opened my drawing notebook after ages
and I longed to be a child again
to be able to sit with a pencil and draw

I can not believe I did this drawing
I do not even remember when I did this
but there it was - in my very own old drawing notebook

21st April, 2012 - Prompt - Bottle

My water bottle
A must carry when I leave for office daily.
See, I had enough objects for orange.
I debated using one picture for two prompts.
But then I thought I would put it on pedestal - for being such a worthy companion.

And this sums up my week.
I hope you had and are having a great time.
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  1. Good sequence of shots for the prompts. I love the sunset.

  2. I love your photos and especially the stories that go with them. Your lunch bag is gorgeous, sunflowers are my favourite flower :-)

    1. Thank you Sandra. Even I like sunflowers. (I like yellow flowers for that matter). That makes two of us.

  3. Ruby, I don't know where to start! I guess I'll start at the top: the sunset pic is pretty (you're getting great shots from your cell phone camera). Your lunch bag is so cute! We had very warm temps here today, so maybe we can finally put away our winter wear. Clever "hair" prompt photo! And your business logo is cute - I like the orange. And finally, you are quite an artist! That's an amazing drawing! Oh my gosh, and I can't believe your commute is 4 hours long! Have a great week and I look forward to seeing the pics for this week!

    1. Thank you so much, Catherine. I am glad you like the pictures. And yes, the lunch bag is a favorite with me too. The temperatures have gone down again after heavy rainfall yesterday. I am glad you like the hair prompt and the logo. And thank you for the lavish compliments on my drawing too. You too have a wonderful week ahead. Waiting to see your pictures too.


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