Wednesday, April 4, 2012

4th April, 2012 - Someone who makes you happy

Prompt - Someone who makes you happy

This is a no-brainer for me.
Who makes me happy - my family
But I spend the most beautiful moments of my days with my nephews

What makes me happy is playing with them,
listening to their stories,
watching them grow up and
being a part of their lives.

I took the original pictures with my mobile phone.
Getting kids to pose is a tough task, more so if you are new to the photography thing.
My original pictures were not up to the mark.
So, I edited them a little and I like the final thing that I am posting here.

The elder one asked me today ...
How tall does a 100 year old person grow?
I am still wondering how to explain that their is difference between growing up and growing old.
And I am wondering what questions will the younger one ask me when he starts speaking.
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  1. I really like the effects you put on the photos. They look great. It's funny the questions that kids can come up with! Those boys are lucky to have such a caring aunt.


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