Saturday, April 14, 2012

SkyWatch @ workplace

This week I did my pictures for the SkyWatch this week @workplace
It was mostly cloudy ... 
as usual
So, I tried not do clouds this time
or at least not to do clouds alone this time

So, the first thing that I shot with the theme SkyWatch in mind is
a scene right outside my office

I wish I had a better camera with me.
I would have captured the details clearly.

And this below is the Kullu Manali Airport (rather part of it)
again as viewed from my workplace

And last of all, a little farther from my office
and towards my hometown

This one was instinctive.
I liked the shades of the sky, against the green of the hills.
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  1. Nice, Ruby! My favorite is the second one with part of the airport in the shot. I like how the clouds in front are so bright against the mountains.

    1. Thank you. The second one is my favorite too. Ad guess what, I was actually taking a class at that time. It was done quickly and without attracting attention (hopefully).

  2. I think the shots turned out well. Beautiful sky.


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