Thursday, April 5, 2012

5th April, 2012 : Prompt - Tiny

Prompt - Tiny

I was travelling today.
This time though it was an official tour.
(You see, yours sincerely has found herself a job.
I am going to tutor kids officially now on.
I just hope I can stay afloat in this river.)

Back to the point, are you wondering how does prompt "tiny" fit in all this?
I shall not be able to put it in words ...
but I will still give it a try before sharing the pictures
(the quality of which is again debatable at the best considering that I clicked them using my mobile phone from a moving bus)

There was so much of natural beauty to take in on the entire route.
Big hills, dams, water or should I say lots of water,
meandering routes cutting through the hills in a zig zag fashion
buses crawling on those routes
and they look tiny and little from a distance.
Small huts midst this vastness.
I feel so small even while writing it all.
It was like nature reigning in full glory.

I hope the pictures help.

A shot of the hill that I managed while returning.

I wonder if you can make out the red truck that is just round the corner in this pic below.
(remember the theme is tiny)

Oh that is a Maruti 800 ... If I had been able to take an aerial view, this would have been as tiny as a toy.

And this is what I meant when I referred to the vastness of the nature.

This one has nothing to do with the theme.
On second thoughts, wait ... this is the longest road tunnel in India
the length is about 3 km and so, we are but a tiny speck once we are inside the tunnel.

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