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6th April, 2012 : Prompt - Lunch

Prompt - Lunch

Yesterday with my sister visiting us all,
the lunch had to be special.
So, I was helping mum out and
the prompt and the challenge thing just skipped, hopped and jumped out of my mind.
By the time I realized the prompt, the lunch was all eaten up
(there were no leftovers either that I could use as subject for my pictures.

But then I had a brainstorm
(another one yes)

So, I present the main ingredient of my yesterday's lunch ...
The mighty Cheese.

But I cannot sign off this post without presenting any real dish.
Can I ???

With mum attending to some outstation social responsibilities,
I am the kitchen in-charge these days.

My father is always a little skeptical of my experiments.
So, I try to play it safe by sticking to easy and standard things.

Like the Peas Pulav that we had today.
I qualified the overall experiment though it was not an outstanding result.
Despite my best efforts, the peas did not become very soft.
May be the fault of their being out-of-season thing
or may be my cooking fault

But steaming hot rice did look nice to me.

Look I tried to capture the steam as well.
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  1. OMGosh, I love peas! Is it just peas with steamed rice? That sounds yummy to me.

    1. Literally speaking just the steamed peas and rice. We take some clarified butter and put in chopped onion (I like to have it longer and not finely chopped), ginger (sliced longer side), 1 or 2 cloves, a stick or so of cinnamon, large cardamom, and let the onion be translucent golden brown. Once it is done, I put in water and peas and let them boil. I use 2.5 cups water if I have one cup rice. I cover the lid and once the peas are boiled and softened, I add in rice, salt, a pinch (just a pinch for flavor)of red chilly and black chilly powder and and let them cook first at high flame and then after it has come to boiling again, I put it on medium flame and partly cover it. Once the water is all gone, and the rice cooked, you can garnish it with grated cheese, coriander, mint leaves. I did not have resources handy this time around so I avoided garnishing. And that is all that goes there.

    2. Oh boy, that sounds wonderful! With all the spices and the onion too! Thank you for sharing the recipe. I'm the only in my family who likes peas. I'll make it sometime and let you know how it turns out.

    3. I will wait for the "final verdict" on the dish once you have tried it.


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