Monday, June 18, 2012

And we have a magician in the house

Believe me, when I say this
we have a magician in the house.
A Little Magician would be better to say.
As they say,
seeds are sown right in the childhood itself.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
presenting before you
Harjas, The Magician :
with all his props and accessories.

It so happens that our little boy
Harjas had a fancy dress competition in his school.
And the theme was
"What do you want to be when you grow up"
To which the prompt reply was
"A scientist"
"Ohk, that will not need much preparations.
Just a wig and some test tubes would do the trick"
But the idea did not generate much excitement.
Neither with him nor with us.
Then the Professor Google came to our help
and I found this picture on the net

I wish I had copied the source also.
(A lesson for next time)
and we knew in our hearts he was going to enjoy being a magician.
The royal feel, the cloak and magic - all so fictional and all so magical.
We found him a black satin shirt and trouser.
We decided to do away with the vest, it being sweltering outside.
Mum stitched the cloak and also put an insignia on the back with silver ribbon.
He had bought black formal leather shoes
for his annual day dance performance
and we decided to use the same this time also.
Then I found this tutorial
How to make a magician hat

This done, we proceeded to make his wand.
We used the same chart paper as we used for the hat
and decorated it with a red and silver paper.
This gave it both strength and shape.

The last step was to teach a trick or two.
And again, who better than Professor Google

We chose the magic tube trick and made him a blue tube
(seen in the collage above too)
and put in the light blue ribbon.
As a standby,
we taught him a magnetic pencil trick also.

The final topping was to teach him his lines.
And the magician was ready to rock the show.

I am imagining the little boy of ours
walking up on the stage mumbling,
"Good morning everyone,
I am a magician.
I believe
The power of thought is the magic of mind.
Now let us enjoy a magic trick.
Can you see this tube ... 
is this all empty ...
If so, from where does this ribbon come ...
It comes from magic
and all the magic comes from learning.
Thank You."

He won the competition.

he told me that after the performance
he scared away the bullies showing them his wand
and telling them that he would make them fly in the air.
Oh well, you lose some you gain some.

This is what I had been doing
this last week.

Have a wonderful week ahead.
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  1. A great idea for a costume. I love that he won the competition and was able to scare away the bullies. Well done Ruby! The young fellow will remember this day for many years to come. :)

    1. Thank you Cathy. I hope he does. Anyways the cloak is being used as a superhero garment post-competition. So he sure is having fun.

  2. Wonderful post about the budding magician. He looks great in the costume.

    1. Thank You Carver. It is always good to hear such encouraging words from you.

  3. OH, I LOVE THIS! What a fantastic costume you and your mom made for him! Congratulations to him for winning the competition!
    I have never heard Google called Professor Google - it made me laugh, it's so true.
    And how funny that he could scare away the bullies by threatening to make them fly. It serves them right! Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Ruby. How fun, and your first commenter (Cathy) is right - he will remember this for a long time.

    1. Thank you Catherine. It is good to see that you enjoyed the post. Days later, he is still in awe of his dress. So, I guess, you all are right with this being memorable. The best part is the sheer fun we all had.


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