Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summer styling

Summers are on full swing.
It is supposed to be monsoons,
but somehow,
these days,
it is never hot when it is supposed to be
and never cold when it ought to be.
So, July is very hot and humid
and trying our patience.
 Whatever little is left of it,
is spent trying to tie up a neat and tight braid.
So, I gave up a couple of days ago.

I came across this video
and knew instantly I had my solution.
At least for the days when I am not working.

Would love to hear your tips
on managing hair in summer.

Have a nice day ahead.
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  1. I had mine cut a little shorter than I usually wear it. They grow like weed though, should be back to usual by October.

    1. I cannot cut mine so I have to find alternatives. But I am totally fascinated by short hair.

  2. Very nice, I will try it on my girls

    1. I am sure they will like it very much.

  3. My daughter has long hair and in the summer she likes to put it into two french-braided ponytails which look very pretty. I'll have to show her this video to give her another idea!

    1. Mum used to do my hair in the french braids occasionally and I love the style but I can't do it on my own. Never had that artistic hand. So, am left to find my own alternatives. I do hope she likes this idea. I kind of find it easy and cute.


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