Thursday, August 30, 2012

Winters are - approaching!

Winters are approaching.
It is that time of summer
when it is no longer summer
and not winter yet.
But days have become shorter
and rains have become colder.
I do not put on the fan when I sleep.
By the morning I am too cold if I do.
I will share some winter skies
I had captured in January
but never shared.
I found them yesterday

Days will be soon like them again -
I remember the day.
it had snowed all night
and we were on our way to Manali.
The morning was bright sunny and beautiful.

I had started active blogging around that time
and my sister had prompted me to click these.
"You could use them for your blog."
But never got a chance
or a theme
and then forgot about them all.
Today, I do put them to use.

Even winter skies can be pretty.

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