Thursday, November 1, 2012

Something beginning with 'C'

Something beginning with 'C'

With festivals almost every week,
I cannot think
of anything other than 'C'hocolates.
and that too
the 'C'adbury 'C'ollection,
the regular as well as the 'C'elebration series.

Sweet tooth, Naaah!!!
I guess I have a chocolate tooth.
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  1. Yum! I only get Cadbury around Easter time - Cadbury mini eggs are so entirely addicting! What a great starts with C! I love it! I really love the angle of the shot. Nice!

    And, is that a rum raisin chocolate bar? Who makes those?!?!

    1. I guess all the products from Cadbury are addicting but then I may be biased too. And yes, that is a rum raisin chocolate bar again from Cadbury's. It is the Temptation series from their end. And thank you for all the kind words, Heather.


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