Sunday, November 4, 2012


The prompt television takes me
back to the times
when we all used to
gather in the big drawing room of ours
to watch the favorite serials on
a set that looked very much like this.

Over the years,
the looks of television have undergone
huge changes until recently
when the wall mounted LCDs and LEDs
are in vogue.
I am pretty sure
it would have gone a step or two beyond
that too and I am yet to catch up with it.

A television looking like this
is certainly out of scenes
but it was so much more homely.

In case you are wondering
this machine is still functional.
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  1. I can remember having a TV that we had to get up and turn a dial to change the channel. Oh the good old days!

    1. Even we had that when I was a kid. But this one thankfully has a remote lying by its side. Good to hear from you. Hopefully you had a great weekend.


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