Wednesday, February 15, 2012

15th Feb, 2012 : Prompt - Phone

Prompt - Phone

From landlines to


The fact is I miss the good old days ... 
when we had just one phone and I used to race my sister to pick it up
And used to call out to mum and dad on full voice if it used to be a long distance call with elders on line
Or used to mistake my landline number with my friend's.
More so ...
Because my phone these days is just a synonym for digital clock.
And I have two of them  ... for personal use ... I don't even remember when they last rang ... sigh ..

Photographs clicked by Canon Powershot S5 IS

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  1. oh..ruby..c if ur phone is ringing nw...i ll keep on callin u every nw & then if so is d case :)

  2. Aditi ... I will be waiting :)

  3. my least favorite thing about cells ... i'm worried that I'll have an emergency and won't be able to call for help cause I can't find my cell ... sometimes a phone plugged into the wall is nice! :)

  4. Yeah .. when they ring .. it seems like an eternity before I can find it. And they do make life a little more complicated what with every time, all time accessibility.

  5. I remember racing my brother to answer the phone too! :)

  6. Part of grwoing up with siblings I guess :) Thank you for visiting my blog. I really appreciate the encouragement.


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