Tuesday, February 21, 2012

21st Feb, 2012 : Prompt - A fave photo of you

Prompt - A fave photo of you

This was clicked way back in 2008 but this happens to be my favorite.
This brings back memories from happy days.
Family, friends, office ... everything and everyone made a wonderful contribution.
I still have this shirt which I absolutely adore (one of my special occasions shirt)
Thank you Bangalore for making my stay a lovely and cherished experience.
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  1. You have a beautiful smile, Ruby! It's fun to see a picture of the gal who leaves such sweet comments on my blog! And the blouse is beautiful too - I love the little trim around the neckline.

    1. Thank you so much Catherine ... for the compliments showered so generously both for me and my blouse. :) I like visiting your blogs and I love your visits to mine. I cherish every compliment that I receive from you.

  2. Such a sweet picture of such a sweet person! You are beautiful inside and out! :)

    Thanks for your blog friendship,

    1. Thank you, Whitney. I really do not know if I deserve all these compliments but it sure does make my day :) Thank you for your blog friendship too :). It is really good to be able to connect to you everyday through your posts. I really look forward to all your posts.


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