Thursday, February 16, 2012

16th Feb, 2012 : Prompt - Something New

Prompt - Something New

"It takes all the fun out of a bracelet if you have to buy it yourself."
-Peggy Joyce

Well Peggy Joyce or no Peggy Joyce but I do love receiving bracelets as gifts.
And this one is a gift from mum and dad.
And there is a story to it.

It was in year 1997 that I came to know about the festival of hearts ... courtesy Dil To Pagal Hai.
And I remember having taken my father by surprise by asking him for a valentine gift for myself.
He was going to Delhi for some reason and he promised me to get one. And he did.
He got me a beautiful bracelet that I still wear to date.
Ever since then I have been asking him for my gift and I have been getting something in the month of February. Not necessarily 14th. But that does not matter.

Last year it was a jacket.
This year, it is this bracelet.

Trust me, I did not ask for anything this year. He had already bought so many things for me.
But this one came as a surprise. I got it at the beginning of the month but the tagline was
"and ... this is your valentine day's gift".

I absolutely love this new addition to my collection.
And am I waiting for an apt occasion to wear it!!!
Thank you, dad and love you :)

I will also need some tips to be able to click better photographs of sparkling things in future.
I clicked these by turning off the flash.

Photographs clicked by Sony DSC-W80 Cybershot

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  1. its really vry beautiful and lovable gift.
    n mom n dad aise hi hote he.
    ek or baat ki aapko gift dena ho to zyada confusion ni hoga.:)

    its really really lovable.

  2. cute :)hope u soon get an occasion to wear d same :)

  3. I too want to wear it at the earliest, Aditi.

  4. It's beautiful! What a lovely gift from your dad!

  5. hope you find a great place to wear your new treasure! :)

  6. Thank you @Frolicking Night Owl :)


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